In Which We Talk About the Tuck-box Stashed in One’s Office Drawer…

Ginger beer and chocolate: definitely non-negotiable

Time and again, I’ve seen how chocolate has saved numerous people – myself included – from going completely bonkers in the workplace.  In which case, chocolate isn’t so much an occasional snack but has become a true necessity for keeping one’s sanity in check.

In my case, I usually keep a bar of very good chocolate tucked away in one of my desk drawers along with a bottle of ginger beer.  (I can’t really explain why it goes so well with chocolate, but it does!)

One recent discovery is, again, something I found at my local 7-11: Messori Takorice.

Solid chocolate disc with rice puffs

Each of these discs is a solid, swirly-patterned blend of dark and milk chocolate with a bit of gianduia mixed in along with puffed rice for a bit of crunch.  These sweet nibblers are perfect for staving off any blues I may encounter throughout the day – and they go so well with ginger beer.  😉

So, what’s in your secret tuck stash?  What snacks keep you from going stark raving mad?