In Which There is a Chocolate Bar with Hints of Citrus and Spice for Nibbling…

Dagoba Lemon Ginger Bar with 68% Cocoa Solids

On the wrapper of every Dagoba chocolate bar, you’ll find the slogan You can deprive the body, but the soul needs chocolate.

What a motto for a chocolate company – and it is so true.  😀

Dagoba prides itself on producing innovative chocolates that not only taste wonderful, but also do their part for the environment and humanity.

The story within...

Because Dagoba bars are something of a rarity in this part of the world, they tend to be a wee bit on the pricey side.  However, they are so good that I find them worth the expense.  Case in point: the lemon-ginger bar I scored from Rustan’s Supermarket the other day.

According to the package, this dark chocolate bar has 68% cocoa solids.  This alone is a good sign as you get stunning flavors: a dusky-rich bitterness overlaid with nuances of red wine and a bit of coffee.  The addition of pure lemon essence adds an exciting aroma, both citrusy and floral at the same time.  Finally, the addition of bits of candied [crystallized] ginger adds little pockets of spicy sweetness that provide a pleasing contrast against the dark flavor profile of the chocolate.

Segmented for breaking up into convenient little nibbles.

Admittedly, this particular chocolate bar works as an excellent stress-relieving nibble between office tasks.  However, I am also of the opinion that this can be used for baking with equally gorgeous results.  I am already considering breaking a bar up into chunks for a grown-up take on chocolate-chunk cookies or for swanking up a loaf of pane al cioccolato.  Plus, I think these would be great for melting into a hot caffe latte, turning it into the perfect citrus-spice mocha.  😉