In Which the Koreans Join the Bottled Coffee Craze…

Binggrae a-Cafe-la

Up until recently, the Singaporeans, Taiwanese, and Japanese held court where bottled iced coffee was concerned.  While Starbucks and other Western brands are also available, the Asian players have ruled the roost on the strength of flavorful milky coffee at affordable prices.  Thus, it’s not surprising that South Korea would enter the fray via Binggrae a-Cafe-la.

Three of the five flavors posted on the website for this cheekily named caffeinated sipper are currently available at most big-city supermarkets: vanilla latte (shown above), caffe latte, and caramel macchiato.

Quite sweet, but not too much so, with the right balance of rich coffee and milk, these are great for stocking up in your home or office-pantry fridge for an invigorating sip on the go.