In Which There is a Perfect Little Blueberry Slice for One…

A sweet little breakfast...

18 Days over at the Insular Life Corporate Center in Alabang is one of my favorite cafes despite the fact that it has very little in the way of either fancy coffee offerings or comfortable seating.  (The chairs and tables at this little part of the world are these magnificent wrought iron, wood, and glass confections that are lovely to behold but not very comfy to sit on especially if your backside isn’t as well-padded as mine.)

The cafe’s bottled iced coffee, the Ininstant, is made with the famed kapeng alamid (kopi luwak for all you global foodies) and it’s what I usually grab whenever I have meetings in that part of town and this bittersweet caffeinated sipper is a great thing to drink when you’re waiting for everyone else to arrive.  Normally, I get this along with a square of the cafe’s spot-on moist and rich chocolate cake for a rather posh breakfast.  Most recently, however, on seeing that the cake wasn’t available as yet (too early!), I grabbed something else.  Specifically, this wee treat:

Blueberry cheese slice

The blueberry cheese slice is, quite obviously, a blueberry cheesecake in miniature: a graham cracker crumb crust sits at the bottom and is topped with a thickish layer of sweetened yet tangy cream cheese.  A splodge of blueberry compote finishes each slice – and you can tell that each slice was splodged individually as opposed to the compote slathered over the surface of the tray before cutting.

As small as it looks, the slice is actually quite filling what with the richness of the cream cheese (the tang tells you that they used real cream cheese as opposed to the hideous gelatin-and-cream-bolstered foam that many commercial shops try to palm off on unwary diners) and the tightly-packed crumb crust.  Instead of a plain puree, the compote has whole blueberries and this little fact adds to one’s enjoyment.

Each slice costs P 60.00 and there are full cheesecake slices sold at P 90.00 each and are good for two.  However…

All gone!

…why share if you don’t have to – or if you don’t want to?  ;p

4 thoughts on “In Which There is a Perfect Little Blueberry Slice for One…

  1. Wow really I love cafe alamid! and blueberry cheesecake! I also love the one in Palms and has the best large pastillas I miss it!

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