In Which Instant Milk Tea Grabs the Spotlight…

Meito Royal Milk Tea

Royal Milk Tea is a Japanese kissaten (coffee shop) specialty that involves brewing loose-leaf tea directly into hot milk.  The resulting infusion is then strained before serving and sweetened with either honey or white sugar.  In Japan, the delicate-tasting tea has made its way as a flavor for Pocky sticks, chocolates, and even cheesecakes.

Given that brewing the tea is a rather fiddly task, Japanese manufacturer Meito came up with an instant version of this particular treat.

A morning cuppa joy...

I found this particular product over at Saizen (P 85.00 for a bag with four packets) and its pretty good.

According to the packet directions, you just add the contents of each packet to a cup of hot water, stir, and enjoy.  It’s nice on its own, but I prefer to personalize my drink by using half the amount of water, and replacing the remaining half with warm milk.  A scant teaspoon of honey plus a sprinkling of cinnamon and nutmeg turns this particular cup into instant chai.   If you really want to amp up the decadence, top your cup with a billowy cloud of whipped cream.

Interestingly, it also works as an iced bevvie if made double strength (use two packets rather than one).  In a tall glass, dissolve the instant milk tea with about a couple tablespoons of hot water.  Add a tablespoon of honey, a sprinkling of spice, and top up with half-cold water and half-cold milk.  A scoop of vanilla ice cream on top is optional, but makes this drink oh-so-nice.