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In Which the Blogger Has a Cheesecake Cone for Breakfast…

MiniStop's Cheesecake Sundae Cone

Ever since I sampled Selecta’s Caramel Cheesecake ice cream, I’ve been a bit iffy about commercial cheesecake ice creams in general.  Unless it’s Cara Mia’s New York Cheesecake gelato, I’m not a major fan of the flavor.

Most cheesecake ice creams currently available hardly taste like cheesecake at all.  In fact, the only reason you know it’s a cheesecake ice cream is the presence of graham cracker chunks – an approximation of the graham cracker crust used for most cheesecakes – scattered throughout the rich cream.  There are cheese ice creams available in this part of the world (of which Selecta’s Quezo Real stands out), but they’re not cheesecake ice creams;

However, I had something of a change of heart when I encountered MiniStop‘s flavor of the season yesterday morning.  Available since last month, it involves mammoth swirls of soft-serve cheesecake ice cream in a large two-toned Belgian cone.  I was rather iffy about it at first, but when I saw droves of people – BPO slaves and 9-to-5’ers alike – lining up for cones at 7:30 AM, I just had to try it.

I was not disappointed.  This creamy treat actually does taste like a real cheesecake.  A hint of lemon (or some other citrus) adds a welcome tang reminiscent of the taste of an actual cheesecake.  The texture is velvety smooth and actually holds its shape better than most commercial soft-serve ices.  Plus, the taste balances well with the slightly sweet, cocoa-smoky taste of the sugar-waffle cone it’s been poured into.  Definitely value for money at just P 15.00 a cone!  (If you’re not much of a cone fan, you can also get a swirl of ice cream in a paper cup for P 18.00.)

Incidentally, even standard-issue cheesecake ice cream has its place in the sun.  Case in point, this cake-shake recipe you may wish to try:

The Cheesy Queen Shake

  • 1 glass cold milk
  • 2 scoops cheesecake ice cream
  • 1 slice good-quality store-bought cheesecake (best choice in my opinion: the cheesecake from the Union Jack Tavern)
  • 2 – 4 ice cubes

Put all the ingredients in a blender.  Blitz on the highest speed for 30 seconds; lower speed to one notch down and blitz an additional 20 seconds.  Pour into one large tumbler or two 8oz. glasses.  Serve immediately.



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