In Which One’s Favorite Deli Serves Up a Rather Good Sausage Plate…

Grilled Saucisson San Marco

Despite the fact that Almon Marina remains one of my favorite dine-in delicatessens in town, it’s been quite a while since I’ve had a meal there.  This has caused me some degree of distress since there are times when I’ve ended up craving for, say, the seafood kebab or the double-stuffed pork chop but I’m either too busy to go or I’m somewhere there isn’t an Almon Marina outlet!

Lucky for me, a recent Sunday out with the family led straight over to Almon.  Since I wasn’t in the mood for kebabs or pork chops, I acted on a recommendation posed by a poster on one of the walls: the grilled sausage plate with the saucisson San Marco.

Saucisson San Marco is, essentially, a Corsican variation on the theme of longganizang Lucban.  It’s a pork sausage richly flavored with black pepper and garlic and served with a particularly sharp-tasting vinegar.  Unlike the longganizang Lucban which is rather coarse-textured with chunks of both fat and lean scattered throughout the link, the meat for a San Marco is ground finer and this gives the sausage a somewhat fluffier texture.  Both, however, are pumped into natural casings that tighten up and snap when grilled.

On this particular plate, I opted to have my sausages with Almon Marina’s signature rice pilaf instead of bread and this was a happy combination as the tomato-enriched rice went well with the robust flavor of the sausage.  The standard-issue potato salad was, thank goodness, not the sweetish dross served by other restaurants; instead, it was delicately flavored by proper mayonnaise and the addition of celery.  The salad’s flavor and the al dente but not too hard texture of the spuds added extra contrast against the sausages, as well.

That said, I daresay I now have yet another reason to visit my favorite deli.  😉