In Which One’s Tea-break Gets All Nutty and Citrusy All at the Same Time…

Almond milk tea and the biggest lime-coconut cookie...

Brew-kus, a little teashop that proudly calls itself a “bev-wich shop” (because its primary stock in trade involves beverages and sarnies) is just a stone’s throw away from where I work and it’s usually packed to the gills with serious-faced execs and the more boisterous (and definitely more annoying) call-center drones so it’s rather hard to grab a table for breakfast, lunch, or tea.  However, I didn’t let this little fact stop me from strolling over to try one of the shop’s tea lattes because I was seriously craving milk tea.

Oh, and as an unexpected bonus, I also scored what was possibly the biggest cookie I’ve had in ages!

What I ordered was the almond milk tea, a rich, nutty-flavored sipper with a strong hint of almond that makes me suspect that the white flavor powder blitzed into it was actually xing ren cha or Chinese almond tea.  The drink was blended in such a way, however, that there was none of the off-putting graininess of classically-prepared xing ren cha.  As a result, the drink was smooth, creamy, and totally delicious.  It’s a drink I’m definitely ordering again.

As for the cookie, Brew-kus’ lime-coconut cookie is a monstrous-sized disc that smells deliciously of citrus and has wee flecks of green scattered within the pale yellow dough.  There’s a delicious hint of salt that makes me suspect that salted butter was used (definitely a good thing in my book) and the coconut element tasted fresh and nutty – with none of the rather wonky, fake-tasting aspect one normally encounters in commercial butter-coconut biscuits.  As cookies go, this one also deserves to be ordered again.  (But, no: I’m not sharing this one: go get your own!)

Brew-kus the Bev-wich Shop: Unit G-02, 139 Corporate Center, 139 Valero Street, Salcedo Village, Makati.