In Which the Blogger Samples Treats from an Ortigas Teashop…

The green milk tea from Sip

Sip is the name of a quaint, wee milk tea shop located on the second floor of the Robinson’s Galleria in Ortigas.

Now, you may be wondering: what the bluidy hell was she doing in Ortigas?!  After all, I’ve hardly gone to this part of town in years.  Simple: I handled another Chocolate Appreciation workshop, this time at the nearby Oakwood Residences.  But, I digress…

It’s one of those utterly cute shops with a rather adorable mascot (in this case, a plump wee queen bee winking at passers-by), simple surroundings, and a whimsical approach to just about everything.  And the tea and snacks are excellent.

The thing about Sip is that it steeps its tea as opposed to brewing vats of it and keeping it cold for quite a bit.  The end-result is a fresh-tasting cup for each and every customer.  That said, it also takes a little longer to get your tea because of the time involved for steeping it, but I see no reason to complain: the tea has a brighter, sharper flavor in the end.

Case in point is the incredibly blossomy green milk tea.  It steeps into a much paler drink than most green milk teas, but has this intense flavor akin to that of a jasmine-infused sorbet or ice cream: a distinctly floral taste that needs no further embellishment save for a touch of sweetness.  But, as one is entitled to a sinker with each drink, the best thing to have floating around your tea are the sweet and chewy bits of white jelly (conjac jelly, I would suppose).

Honeycomb Waffle

Oh, and while Sip also makes a magnificent chicken chop that rivals the one over at Serenitea, this shop has a snack that goes beautifully with milk tea: the crisp, huge, and golden honeycomb waffle.

Patterned after similar snacks sold in Taiwan, this treat involves cooking sweet batter till crisp in parts, fluffy in others.  The honeyed sweetness is a great counterpoint to the flavor of the green milk tea and makes for quite a satisfying snack.

SIP – 2nd Floor – Robinson’s Galleria (near National Bookstore and the escalators leading to the EDSA bus stop / EDSA walkway), Ortigas Center, Pasig.