In Which Tiny “Corn Cobs” Hold Sweet Surprises…

Ironically, there is NO corn in here...

Now, you’re probably thinking that the wee tiny cake on the right is most presumably made of cornbread.  Much as I’d like to say that was true, it actually isn’t.

If you’re a fan of dorayaki (those small, fluffy Japanese pancakes sandwiched with sweetened red bean paste), imagawayaki (classic “Japanese cakes” filled with one’s choice of beans, peanut butter, chocolate, or cheese), or taiyaki (fish-shaped pancakes filled with either sweetened red bean or – better yet – vanilla-bean custard), you’re going to like these little cakes from Moshi Manju over at SM Megamall.

Like their Japanese cousins, these Korean treats involve cooking sweet pancake batter in greased, super-heated cast-iron molds.  (In this case, the molds look like corn cobs.)  When the batter is semi-set (which is to say bubbles start to form on the surface), tiny spoonfuls of mocha cream, chocolate cream, peanut butter, dulce de leche, or vanilla custard are added before the griddles are clapped shut to form a sweetly-filled three-dimensional corn-cob cake.

I should warn you, however, that you might not stop at just one little cake; they’re quite addictive.  😉

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