In Which We Find a Delectable Beef Bowl – at a CHICKEN Place…

The bulgogi bowl from Bon Chon

There are some delectable edibles that you find in the most unlikely places.  Over the years, I have discovered tasty tendon and yakitori at a place that specializes in gyudon (beef bowls; Yoshinoya, quite obviously), French pastries at Japanese bakeries, and even gelati at Korean restaurants.

And, most recently, there’s this bulgogi bowl from Bon Chon Chicken.

The bulgogi bowl is part of Bon Chon’s P 145 Menu which features a set meal and a drink.  In this case, it’s a bowl of rice topped with Korean-style barbecued beef tossed with both white onions and minced chives.

How does this particular beef bowl from a chicken place fare against those done by restaurants that specialize in all dishes bovine?  Surprisingly well, I daresay!

You get a sweet-savory, full-flavored pile of beef – and though it does look small, appearances are very deceiving – whose shreds are oh-so-tender to the bite.  Despite the richness of the soy and sesame marinade used, you can still taste the strong, beefy tang of the meat and this is further tempered by the sweetness of the onions and the perky taste of the chives.  Needless to say that the bulgogi is absolutely wonderful with plain white rice.

Kimchi coleslaw!

While the bulgogi bowl works very well on its own, the addition of Bon Chon’s kimchi coleslaw to your meal works wonders.  This sweet, crunchy classic salad is given a decidedly Oriental twist by the addition of peppery pickled cabbage.  The end result is a refreshing side with a distinct hint of chile and garlic in the background – and quite an amazing meal.  😀

4 thoughts on “In Which We Find a Delectable Beef Bowl – at a CHICKEN Place…

  1. PhP 145? mahal na ano?! or either my mind was stuck at cost of daily living there years ago or talagang kuripot ako. 🙂

    do you find it reasonable? with that serving, i think i need 2 bowls if it’s really good! hehe!

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