In Which Sybaritic Diversions Turns SEVEN…!

Remember this cake from August 2010?

How time flies!  I seriously can’t believe it’s been seven years since I started writing Sybaritic Diversions!

When this blog started in 2005, I never expected it to last for quite a bit as I only meant to write it for kicks.  Over time, as my cooking and baking skills improved, this blog became a way for me to share recipes with other people as well as a way by which to recommend restaurants and various products making their way onto supermarket shelves.

I confess, alas, that I’ve not been writing as much as I’d like to over the past few weeks.  People who have emailed me to complain tend to forget that I do have a day-job and, yes, I do have a life outside of my blog.  I may not have much in the way of a social life (besides, at 35, I daresay I’m too old to hobnob with people at parties – plus, excuse the term, but those whores who populate the local club scene make me retch with their excessive drinking, loose morals, and adherence to diets that leave them looking totally skeletal), but I’ve projects at work, novels in progress, and I’ve been active at my local parish of late.

Still, writing about the joy of food and cooking remains a passion of mine – and it’s something I intend to keep on doing for quite a bit.

What, oh what, will I be giving away…?

Incidentally…  Keep reading SybDive because I will be holding my first ever blog giveaway at this end of this month!  ;D

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