In Which the Blogger Gives a Regional Spin to a Dinner Favorite…

Looks like a plan…

Meatball curry has long been a favored dinner dish at my house and for good reason:  it’s easy to prepare – heck, you can actually make and cook the meatballs well ahead – and tastes pretty darned good.  If you use Japanese curry roux as I’ve done, you get a sweet, mild curry that goes over well with even the most die-hard curry-haters.

But recently, my mom came home raving rather delightedly about the curried meatballs she’d had for lunch.  This particular meatball curry took the poached pork balls normally used for the Spanish-inspired dish albondigas (pork balls cooked in a clear broth with misua [soft wheat noodles]) and paired them up with the coconut cream-based sauce normally used for the local spin on chicken curry.  The end result, I’m told, was utterly delicious.

It was a rather spicy bit of curry, actually…

I confess that I’ve never cooked chicken curry from scratch because I’m all thumbs at grating coconuts and squeezing the milk thereof.  However, I was so seriously intrigued by the dish my mom was raving about and decided to give it a go.

My version is actually a tribute to all the easy ways out in that I used Asian Home Gourmet‘s spice paste for Singapore-style chicken curry and some Fiesta coconut milk powder (just chuck it into a cup of hot water – et voila! –  coconut cream).  I used my own recipe for meatballs and tossed in some chunked-up carrots and potatoes to round things out.

The end result was a deliciously fragrant, creamy, savory curry with moreish bits of pork and tender veg.  Considering this was several notches spicier than my usual curry, I was pleasantly surprised to see everyone – even my spice-wary mother – take generous helpings of the dish.  I daresay I’ll be repeating this one soon enough.  😉

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