In Which We Have a Different Sort of Prawn Curry…

Prawn curry, anyone?

Prawn curry has long been one of my favorite dishes, though we rarely have it at home because of my mom’s allergies.  From richly creamy Malaysian curries to smooth and soothing prawn laksa to fresh-tasting Thai curries redolent with lemongrass and ginger, I adore them all.

So I really pounced when I saw this dinky wee item over at JiPan: the ebi furai curry rice.

It involves crunchy breaded prawns – ebi furai – doused with heaps of rich Japanese curry gravy with potatoes, sweet onions, and chunks of carrot.  The beefy curry gravy is spot-on perfect: meaty, spicy – not enough to set your mouth on fire, but hot enough to set your tastebuds a-tingle.  The prawns were perfect – and I’m not exaggerating!  Breaded with their heads on, the prawns are dredged in a deliciously crunchy panko coating so they’re crisp on the outside, just al dente within and are beautifully sweet.  Be sure to scrape out the fat from the prawn heads – distressingly fatty, ’tis true, but totally delicious.

Cheap but totally toothsome!

Incidentally…  The deadline for my first-ever contest – The 100-pesos or less lunch challenge – ends on October 27th!  Click on the link above for more details.  😀