In Which a Frosty Sipper Kick-starts the Holiday Rush…

Red Velvet Ice Blended

Red Velvet Ice Blended

It’s that time of year when every java-swilling urban denizen rushes out to his or her nearest coffee-bar to snag up some horrendously sweet Holiday-themed bevvies in the name of accumulating stickers for this year’s planner or diary.  Given how Starbucks hasn’t brought back my favourite gingerbread latte, my only reaction to the mad rush is “Meh!”  Besides none of the drinks currently available agree with me; I find the lot too throat-catching, even cloying.

That said, I’ve pretty much transferred my allegiance over to the folks at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf where the featured Yuletide sipper of choice is the Red Velvet Cocoa.

Now, not really being a fan of red velvet cakes (save for the glorious version over at Sweet Ideas; positively delish wee beastie…), I balked at it at first.  But, really: it’s a beguiling wee thing: all fabulously soft pink and snowed under with a puffy cloud of whipped cream.  A girly-girl’s drink, as it were – but one even a not-so-girly girl like me could appreciate.

It’s a lovely white chocolate-based beverage, none too sweet and goes down smoothly as either a hot cuppa for a chilly evening or, as above, an ice-blended sipper for a sweltering afternoon.  And to be fair, because I don’t like white chocolate at all, I love it to bits and I wouldn’t mind having another.  (Speaking of which, I’m just five stickers away from CBTL’s 2013 journal…  Hurrah!)


Here’s an adorable pair of lads to help get your weekend off to a good start: Daniel Bess and Daniel Lissing singing I Love this City…  Delish!  😉