In Which the Blogger (FINALLY) Has a Relaxed Breakfast with Her Mother…

Coffee cake and milky tea for breakfast

Coffee cake and milky tea for breakfast

I rarely ever get to have breakfast with my mother.  On regular workdays, she’s still asleep when I leave the house to head for work.  Even Sundays breakfasts are off because I serve at an earlier Mass than hers.  And, on Saturdays, I’m the one who sleeps in late.

That said, on the first day of the Christmas break, I was able to take my mother out to breakfast at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.  And, may I just say that I am super-grateful for finally getting to eat breakfast without a) worrying about the state of Makati-bound traffic, b) work deadlines hounding at my heels, and c) starting the day in a generally foul mood.

Food for Thought

Food for Thought

Mom opted for a set called Food for Thought which features a cappuccino cup holding a pair of coddled eggs, four slices of toasted foccacia, jam, butter, and stewed fruit.  Mom said it was okay, except that the eggs were slightly overcooked and there was a tad too much in the way of toast.  Rather than have it with the cup of plain brewed coffee or tea that usually comes with the set, Mom had Coffee Bean’s consistently good caffe latte, which is always a nice thing to sip when you’re having breakfast and in no particular hurry.

I, on the other hand, wanted something nice and sugary but couldn’t bring myself to face anything along the lines of either rum cake, pound cake, or cookies.  (Baking for the Holidays will do that to you.  I’ve been baking rum and butter cakes, madeleines, and shortbread for the past two weeks, so I need to get a sensory break from the lot!)  So I opted for my usual English Breakfast tea latte with a square of triple-berry coffee cake.  It was actually quite nice: a fluffy, cinnamon sugar-crusted cake, not too bready, and studded quite generously with raisins, cranberries, and blueberries which gave a bit of a tart contrast and the slightest crunch.

It was good to be sharing a meal with my mother who is quite a conversationalist and we could go on for hours talking about one thing or another.  For that, I am most sincerely grateful.

Oh, and to start the long Christmas weekend on a cheerful note…

Here’s a fun video of some clever high school kids “singing” Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus in a rather unique way…

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