In Which a Feast Comes in a Box…

What's in those boxes?

What’s in those boxes?

The Amber Golden Chain of restaurants is a popular choice when it comes to ordering meals in bulk, particularly for office celebrations.  You can order traditional noodle dishes [pancit] in large, flat baskets [bilao] to feed a crowd, skewers of barbecued pork, tubfuls of fried chicken, and even boxes of pichi-pichi (soft, cassava-starch cakes rolled in freshly-grated coconut) for dessert.  And if you’re flummoxed as to what to feed a crowd, you can always go for their boxed lunches – oh, and what lunches!

You get a little bit of everything, see: a soup-to-nuts meal in a fairly large box.  And no, I’m not kidding when I say that there’s a little bit of everything in each box:

That's a LOT of food...

That’s a LOT of food…

This is the kind of feast that usually comes in a regular Amber boxed-lunch combo:

  • pancit Malabon (thick rice noodles in annato-colored palabok sauce with Savoy cabbage, shrimp, chicharon, and sliced hard-boiled eggs;
  • two lumpiang Shanghai (pork mince spring rolls) with a sweet chili sauce;
  • a skewer of barbecued pork;
  • a chicken lollipop; and
  • a pair of coconut-dusted pichi-pichi.

Not a bad spread, really, and just the thing to feed a crowd.  Note that these combinations are customizable and you can swap the pancit Malabon for soy-sauteed pancit Canton or pancit puti (sauteed white rice noodles with plenty of garlic).  The skewer of pork can be replaced with a slice of grilled liempo (pork belly) and the chicken lollipop with any part of battered fried chicken.  Whatever you choose, though, it’s always good.  🙂

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