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In Which One’s Favorite Flavors are Enjoyed at the End of the Day…

Almond biscotti latte + lemon square
Almond biscotti latte + lemon square

I am a sucker for most things lemon- or almond-flavored.  The former peps me up while the latter calms me down.  So just imagine how I hit the jackpot when I scored a lemon square and an almond biscotti latte over at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

The lemon square, a nice, hefty example of the species, was just the right mix of tart and sweet, the lemon curd smooth on the tongue, the shortbread base properly buttery and crumbly.  The flavors went amazingly well with the latte, a seasonal offering, that was just fragrant, nutty, and properly bittersweet.

It was just the thing I needed to wrap up yet another hectic day at work.  🙂