In Which the Blogger Features a Few Treats…

Most of your favorite snacks in a single...scoop?!?

Most of your favorite snacks in a single…scoop?!?

Last week was a pretty rough one for me, but – for some weird, unfathomable reason – this week was just the opposite.  Despite the tons of work at the office, things have been sailing smoothly.  I’ve not been cranky all week, I was able to squeeze in a bit of writing (to the point that I’ve almost finished another chapter of the new novel), and treats have been popping up left and right.

The Movie Night gelato from Bono Artisanal Gelato is one of them: it’s a fun, whimsical cream-ice that features the sort of snacks that you’d probably want to nosh on while watching one of the latest flicks.  Chocolate-coated malted milk balls, salted butter caramel ripple, chocolate chips, and ripple-cut potato chips are all folded into a creamy vanilla base.  It’s all a play on flavor and texture: crunchy bits against the creamy smoothness of the gelato, a touch of salt amping up the flavors of the sweeter ingredients.

It’s very, very moreish stuff and I’d go back for another scoop…  Well, that’s if the magnificently decadent new Rogue flavor (dedicated to Rogue Magazine; a rather butch, tres manly flavor featuring roasted pecans and butterscotch sauce swirled into a buttercream base spiked with twelve-year-old Elijah Craig Bourbon) doesn’t steal the limelight first.

Slabs o' goodness!

Slabs o’ goodness!

Another recently discovered treat: the chocolate slabs from NZ chocolatier Whittaker’s.  Currently, the only flavors available here in the Philippines are Roasted Almond Gold (P 51.00 each at Rustan’s / Shopwise) and the Original Peanut Slab (P 45.00 each at Rustan’s / Shopwise) – but they’re both pretty awesome in my book.

If you love the combination of chocolate and nuts, these babies are right up your alley.  Both bars are loaded with chunky nuts – not wee, chopped up bits, mind you: we’re talking whole or split almonds and peanuts, roasted till golden and folded into some of the richest, creamiest, just-sweet-enough milk chocolate I’ve had in ages.

I’d recommend chilling the slabs prior to munching, just to firm up the texture so that each bite is properly crunchy.  Now, if only the folks at Whittaker’s could start shipping over the other flavors; the Hokey Pokey in 33% milk chocolate, the Berry Biscuit Slab, and the Whole Hazelnut Slab all sound so tempting!

And speaking of tempting…

Dear Daniel...!

Dear Daniel…!

Daniel Lissing from TV’s Last Resort is currently in the running to become Cleo Magazine‘s Bachelor of the Year!  Yep, our lad is now in the Top 50 and definitely needs the votes to be number one.  It’s all in good fun and it’s definitely for a good cause.  Here’s what Daniel is planning to do if he wins:

Hey Friends!! Please vote for me for CLEO Bachelor of the year …. It only takes a second. Vote as many times as you like and please share this if you like. I will be donating any and all $$ from this to charity.

Isn’t that sweet of him?  🙂

So, get out there and click here to vote.  😉