In Which There is a Massive Tumbler of a Most Relaxing Tea…


Lavender milk tea with pudding

Cha Z@n is a dinky wee tea shop in Makati’s Salcedo Village, right along Sen. Gil J. Puyat (Buendia) Avenue.  “Wee” isn’t an exaggeration, by the way: the place is small.  Just a handful of chairs, just enough space to walk in, but very little else apart from a massive counter and a galley full of blenders and tea-tanks.  But the decor isn’t the reason for going there: it is, after all, the tea.  

While many of the items on its menu are common sights on the menus of more popular tea shops (wintermelon teas, taro milk teas, cream cheese mousse toppings, etc.), Cha Z@n has floral milk teas to tickle customers’ taste buds.  Launched last month, rose and lavender milk teas go for P 80.00 for a regular and P 90.00 for a large as shown above; toppings and sinkers cost a little extra, of course.

I’ve yet to sample the rose milk tea, but I quickly went for the lavender one.  It was a Friday evening and I really needed something to help me unwind after yet another harrowing week at work and this hit the spot perfectly.  Those who are into holistic healing and aromatherapy are aware that lavender is one of those herbs that helps relieve anxiety and helps in the alleviation of chronic insomnia and Cha Z@n’s milky spin on this herbal remedy delivers.

The blossomy flavor of the lavender is kept from being too soapy or peppery by the addition of creamy milk, but this makes it even more moreish and comforting to frazzled folks like yours truly.  To fully appreciate the flavor, opt for just half-sugar and get some generous blobs of egg pudding as a sinker.  It is the perfect thing to sip on the way home from work.  😀