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In Which an Ice Cream Sandwich is a Sweet, Simple Pleasure…

DQ's Dilly Sandwich
DQ’s Dilly Sandwich

With the weather becoming increasingly hot these days, ice cream is getting to be the snack of choice during sultry, scorching summer afternoons.  Proof of this can be seen in the number of people scrambling down to Mini Stop in the middle of the day to grab cheesecake soft-serve cones which have returned for the summer.  Others opt for a more bespoke fix and head over to Bono Artisanal Gelato or Cara Mia for rich, creamy, refreshing Italian ices and sorbets.

In the middle ground, though, there’s the DQ Sandwich from Dairy Queen.

It’s pretty much everything an ice cream sandwich ought to be: a thick slab of vanilla ice cream (actually a massive splodge of DQ’s classic vanilla soft-serve) sandwiched between two dark chocolate cookies.  Think of it as an Eskimo’s Oreo as it echoes that particular play on the dark chocolate and vanilla theme.

Now, I should be honest at this point and say that this is not in the same bracket as the nigh-on-baroque ice cream sandwiches from Sebastian’s which are ice cream and cookie behemoths whose sides are rolled in nuts, cocoa, or what have you.  The DQ Sandwich is a more modest treat: roughly the size of my palm, the ice cream within about an inch or so thick, the cookies mass-produced and tasting more of cocoa than real chocolate.

But it’s a satisfying treat, one that serves to sate a craving for something sweet together with the need for something cold to ease the burn of a sunny day.  It would be so easy to gobble up scads and scads of these, but one – just one – is enough to sweeten the day.

Oh, Constable…!

Incidentally… If you’re in the US, the season finale of Hallmark Channel‘s hit series When Calls the Heartairs on Saturday night.  The series which stars Aussie heartthrob Daniel Lissing (Crownies, Last Resort) as the village constable revolves around schoolteacher Elizabeth Thatcher who ends up in a small mining village called Coal Valley.  Now, will Constable Jack Thornton finally get to kiss the girl…?



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