In Which Midge in the Kitchen Turns Nine…

Ice cream is for celebrations...

Ice cream is for celebrations…

This is, to be brutally honest about the whole thing, a seriously delayed post. Midge in the Kitchen‘s anniversary was actually in May, but because of everything that has happened since I changed careers in March of this year, I completely pushed it to the side. Of course, this is not to say that I’m completely putting this blog on the back-burner; far from it as a matter of fact.  For the past nine years, this blog has been a serious source of both strength and comfort for me.

It is a chronicle of how my kitchen became, in a way, both a classroom and laboratory: a place in which I could experiment with recipes I’d read about in books or in other blogs.  It became a place of learning, of trying to get dishes right through trial and error, constant practice.

It became a way of sharing experiences with the world: food sampled and enjoyed, products pulled off the shelves and tried, bits and bobs of a life away from the tedium of one’s office-work.  Through this blog, I’ve met numerous people from different parts of the globe, made friends, found mentors.  In the process, despite the fact that opportunities to fly abroad have been virtually non-existent for me since 2002, I have a window to the world and a taste of different cultures, different lives, varying points of view.

I don’t know at this point in which direction Midge in the Kitchen will go over the next several months, but I assure you that I will keep this blog up and keep writing it.  Why?  Because, in the process of writing about food and the experiences related to tasting it or preparing it, I am doing more than just relating another food review or sharing another recipe: I am feeding my soul and helping nourish the people around me.

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