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In Which One Encounters a Green Tea-infused Ginger Ale…

Why is there green tea in my ginger ale?
Why is there green tea in my ginger ale?

I love ginger ale and I like green tea.  So, when I saw Canada Dry‘s Green Tea Ginger Ale one evening as I was making my way home, I didn’t hesitate to grab a can.

Combining ginger with tea is nothing new, really.  In India, ginger is one of the classic spices used to give chai its characteristic heat.  It is also used elsewhere to boost the flavour and the curative properties of green tea, doubling its anti-oxidant content.  So I seriously assumed that Canada Dry’s attempt at combining the two in a soda drink would be excellent.

Alas, I was wrong.

When you crack the can open, the first aroma that tickles your nostrils is the floral fragrance of green tea.  Unfortunately, it’s also the only aroma you pick up even as you get closer to the bottom of the can.  It’s a totally one note thing: the scent of the tea totally overpowers that of the ginger, there are no spicy nuances at all.  All you get is a jasmine-like scent that, while pleasant, sort of makes you take a second look at the label to double-check on what you’re actually drinking.  The fact that “green tea” is written in a bigger font than “ginger ale” really ought to be seen as a warning.

The taste was also disappointing: the green tea totally overpowers the ginger – and the tea itself has a rather soapy, off-putting taste that seems totally uncharacteristic.  This is definitely one thing I will never buy again; I’ll stick to real ginger ale or, better yet, ginger beer.



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