In Which Mallow Puffs Bring a Bite of Sweet Nostalgia…

Puffs in the box

Puffs in the box

When I was a kid, one of the niftiest treats we could snack on at recess came in a yellow rectangular box with the words Choco Mallows printed on top alongside a picture of a semi-opened foil-wrapped marshmallow puff covered with chocolate.  These were small, sandy shortbread biscuits topped with marshmallows and coated with compound chocolate.  Perhaps not the finest of confections, but these were ace and kids like me looked forward to noshing on them.  Some would tear into the mallow wholesale; others would eat the marshmallow first and save the biscuit for later.  And some, like me, would carefully – oh so carefully – tweak off the biscuit, eat that up, and slowly savour the marshmallow bit.

I understand that many of my friends from overseas also grew up with similar confections.  Those in the United States have Mallomars; Floyd and the Missus in the UK grew up with marshmallow teacakes, specifically Tunnocks’ Teacakes.  The Antipodean is a sucker for Wagon Wheels which, while similar, has the added cachet of a smidgen of jam between mallow and biscuit.  I can see the appeal: it isn’t too sweet, its light, and it goes well with a glass of milk or, as we grow older, milky coffee or tea.

I pretty much thought that I’d weaned myself off Choco Mallows, but then I saw these Jack & Jill Mallow Puffs – and then, all bets were off.

Mine...all mine!

Mine…all mine!

Unlike the original which came as half a dozen in a box, these hefty marshmallow confections just come two to a box because they are considerably bigger – say, two puffs wide more or less.  These are also less sweet, a more subtly flavoured version of a classic treat – so much better, then, for dipping into one’s afternoon coffee or tea.  While I wouldn’t make a habit out of these, I wouldn’t mind buying them again, more for the nostalgia than anything else.