In Which One Tries Her Hand at Nutella-stuffed Cupcakes…

Just pop the tins into the oven and you, dear reader, are good to go

Just pop the tins into the oven and you, dear reader, are good to go

Ever since I got a pair of madeleine tins a few years ago, I’ve enjoyed baking those darling little shell cakes.  There are many recipes for madeleines both online and in standard cookbooks, but my personal take on Maddies is to spoon standard-issue cake batter (flavour is totally up to you) into buttered tins, bake them for about eighteen to nineteen minutes – just to brown the edges, really – and that’s about it.  A fresh batch of two-bite cakes to go with your afternoon tea is ready, lickety-split.

Stored properly in the fridge or freezer, cake batter keeps for about a week or so – which is great because you have a ready batch of batter to bake up should a cake craving hit.  In my case, it was more than a little convenient to have some cinnamon butter cake batter left from a batch I used to bake a couple batches of cupcakes and a box of madeleines a while back.  Mainly because it gave me the opportunity to turn the batter into Nutella-filled muffins!

Cinnamon Nutella Cupcake, anyone?

Cinnamon Nutella Cupcake, anyone?

I got the notion from this recipe over at the blog Sally’s Baking Addiction for cinnamon-sugar-topped Nutella-filled muffins.  It sounded easy enough: glop in a tablespoon of cake batter into paper-lined muffin cases, top with a dollop – well, a bare teaspoon – of Nutella, top with another tablespoon of batter, et laissez les bon temps rouler.  Twenty minutes in, and you have rich, buttery cupcakes with an unctuous, chocolate-hazelnut interior.

I won’t put down the recipe for these here, as yet.  As shown in the picture above, they still need some work on an aesthetic level; but rest assured that these were delicious, delightful little mouthfuls.  Coffee is highly necessary here.

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