In Which Dessert was Absolutely Glorious…

Anyone want dessert?

Anyone want dessert?

On Friday, I found myself totally harried and worn out for no good reason.  I was annoyed with myself, annoyed with everyone around me, annoyed by just about anything and everything.  Even the person of whom I am inordinately fond of these days seemed to test my nerves for much of the day.  So what’s a girl to do under the circumstances?

A proper dinner, of course; one that will be discussed in detail in a future post.  But, since the restaurant I was in didn’t have at all that many options for dessert, I settled the bill and sauntered out in a slightly better mood down the street and made a beeline for Bar Dolci.

Bar Dolci is a haven for sweet-fanciers – specifically for gelato-heads and macaron-fiends, along with the few enlightened individuals who are absolutely mad for those tangy, chewy, jewel-like jelly confections known in French as pates de fruit.  There are substantial meals on the menu, of course, but the true draw here is its extensive selection of desserts. That said, I have no idea why I took me so long to drop by and sample the wares considering that my office is but a hop, skip, and jump away.

But, anyway: dessert…

Cherry Cobbler gelato

Cherry Cobbler gelato

I found myself totally caught unawares in front of the gelato display.  You could sample the wares for free as in any gelateria worthy of the name; you’ll get a nifty, colourful, wee spoon in the process.  But one particular flavour caught my eye and I pointed right at it: “A small (P 120.00) cherry cobbler, please.”

The cherry cobbler features proper cherry ripple (the kind with actual cherries, not the artificially flavoured sludge common to many pseudo-cherry confections) and biscuit chunks scattered throughout sweet-cream ice cream.  This is my kind of gelato: the cherries were bold in both colour and flavour – sharp, tart yet sweet, with a bittersweetness hinting of almonds and vanilla – and made a brilliant contrast to the custardy richness of the cream-ice it nestled in.  I could have done without the biscuit bits, though; they were a little too distracting.  I’ve a mind to suggest that Bar Dolci scraps the biscuits altogether in this and just relabel this flavour as amarena (bittersweet / tart cherry).  But that’s just me.

Limoncello Macaron

Limoncello Macaron

And because I’ve been jonesing for a macaron for ages, (Believe it or not, I haven’t had one of these almondy confections since I stopped working in Makati.), I went over the selections in the glass-fronted counter and pointed out a bright yellow one labeled limoncello.

Limoncello is a classic Italian liqueur made with lemon zest soaked in vodka or some other rectified spirit.  It’s brightly flavoured: deeply lemony, a slight bite that keeps the overall sweetness in check, with a faint, wonted bitterness.  I am not sure if there is any actual limoncello in the macaron, but it sure was amazingly lemony: the meringue biscuits tasted lightly of lemon zest and, when combined with the zingy lemon curd filling, was deliciously citrusy all throughout.  Definitely something I’d come back for.

Bar Dolci – F133 – Forbeswood Heights, Forbestown Road cor. Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig


Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival 2015

Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival 2015

If you’re going to be in Puerto Galera over the weekend for this year’s Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival, a friend of mine will be performing over at the Mangyan Village on Friday, 06th March.  (Hey, that’s tomorrow!)

Dragonfly Collector (aka Clem Castro; you may know him from his previous bands Orange & Lemons and The Camerawalls; bloody freaking brilliant musician) also has an album out – The World is Your Oyster  (available via iTunes– so do support his music and encourage creativity!  😀

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