In Which There Were Lobsters at the Dinner Table…

(Cue the intro to the B-52s’ “Rock Lobster” here)

Lobster is a word that evokes totally elegant meals eaten in the lap of luxury. You can actually imagine the likes of Diamond Jim Brady, the Rockefellers, & goodness knows how many personalities who have supped elegantly upon these massive crustaceans.

Here in the Philippines, though, lobster is a seasonal delicacy, popular during the summer, & – if you know where to get proper ones – can be quite reasonably priced.

The scarlet beasties shown above were contributed by a family friend to a potluck. These small lobbies were simply boiled in seasoned water & served with a vinegar & sweet onion dip. Though a little tough, the meat from the tails was sweet & delectable; just the sort of thing that evoked the goodness of summer produce.