Released Today: A Jar of Starlight: A Compilation of Verses and Visions

A long-fretted-over debut...

A long-fretted-over debut…

Now out today, 07 October 2015: my debut ebook A Jar of Starlight: A Compilation of Verses and Visions. This is a folio made up of 70 poems written between 2009 and early 2015, as well as numerous photographs taken during provincial trips and urban jaunts. Cover artwork is by Weena Alba-Contreras who – thank God! – took me seriously when all other artists gave me the brush off.

For now, I am making this available to local readers in the Philippines for P 150.00 a copy; please send me a PM via my official Facebook page or send me an email via for deposit details. Please note that ebook file (PDF) will be sent upon receipt of scanned deposit slips or screenshots of online fund transfers. I will be posting an advisory for international readers once the relevant download accounts are up on Scribd and Booktango.

Compiling the poems and pictures for this book was a cathartic experience for me, following a number of rejection notices; life-changing events; and lessons learned about both the local and international publishing industries, life, love, and everything in between. I was, likewise, able to connect, disconnect, or reconnect with a number of people who became instrumental in this book’s creation.

It is my hope that this little volume of poetry can touch you and others; perhaps it may also inspire you to go outside your comfort zone and do something that will mean more than any mere material accomplishment.

Bash on, lovelies!

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