In Which Breakfast is Simple (with a French Accent)…

By my book: Best. Flat. White. EVER.

By my book: Best. Flat. White. EVER.

Ever have one of those days when you’re absolutely stuffed after a time and a half of gorging yourself on so many good things to eat?  Likewise, do you also have days when your appetite is rather poorly and you don’t want anything save for some coffee and a bite of bread.

Times like these, I find that cafe au lait and a croissant are all I need.  But this doesn’t mean that the coffee has to be ersatz or the croissant dry and virtually unpalatable.  No: sometimes the simplest things can also be the most flavourful and delightful of small pleasures.

Le petit-dejeuner

Le petit-dejeuner

While I can be happy enough with a gussied up instant coffee and a supermarket croissant, it is sometimes nice to spoil one’s self.  In my case, spoiling involves the rich, full-flavoured and freshly brewed flat white from Toby’s Estate, the nutty taste of the coffee going  beautifully with the silky, naturally sweet, microfoamed milk.  Add a just-baked croissant, all crisp on the outside while buttery and fluffy within, and I am in the seventh heaven of bliss.

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