In Which a Seasonal Beverage Was a Serious Disappointment…

Sad and definitely not worth it

Sad and definitely not worth it

You, dear reader, are looking at what has got to be one of the most depressing Christmas beverages ever produced by a chain of coffee bars.

This is from Starbucks‘ 2015 Holiday Menu: an Italian Pannettone Frappucino.  In essence, it is supposed to be a liquefied, drinkable, coffee-infused version of pannettone: that sweet, golden yeast bread studded with fruit and nuts that graces the Yuletide table in that part of the world.  The reality, however, is absolutely horrid.

Either in Frappucino or latte form, it just doesn’t work.  The first sip carries a disturbingly yeasty aftertaste; quite palatable, to be honest.  However, as you sip further down the drink and the taste of fruit and nut kick in, the aftertaste becomes strangely salty for some reason and unpleasant.  Definitely not an experience I am keen on repeating.

I ordered this drink fancying that it would be close enough in flavour to the much-missed gingerbread latte; sadly not.  If you’re collecting stickers for a planner from Starbucks, skip this and go for the toffee nut latte – which is probably the most palatable seasonal drink currently on the menu.