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Anyone up for a spot of afternoon tea, loves?

Midge K. Manlapig was born on 24 September 1976 and currently works as a researcher / writer in Makati.

She got her degree in Public Relations from The Philippine Women’s University in 1997 and has been writing professionally since the age of seventeen.

She made her living as a copywriter in the fields of film publicity and advertising, did a bit of events management, some voice acting, and taught scriptwriting for a few terms at the Mapua IT Center. When she joined Stradcom Corporation in 2006, she signed on as a technical writer but made a lateral transfer to corporate communications in July 2008 to get back in sync with her PR side.  In November 2009, she took a good, long look at the company, decided that the hypocrisy and the constant “red alert” stance she had to deal with on a daily basis was ruining her health, and went back to PR and education advocacy in February 2010.

She has written articles for Teen Magazine – Philippines, MEGA, and The Philippine Daily Inquirer.  For a short while, she was also a columnist for Glitter Magazine. In 2000, her essay Why I Hate Colegiala Party Girls was included in Youngblood 2.0.

Since 2005, SybDive has been helping her cope with clinical depression as it combines her passion for writing with her penchant for good food.

When she isn’t at work or updating the blog, she can be found shopping for aromatherapy supplies, books, and fresh ingredients.  She takes both cooking and baking seriously and loves putting a spin on recipes.

She is currently working on a novel, a novella, and a screenplay.

7 thoughts on “About the Author…

  1. Hi Marga, am personally inviting you to a Sachi nama tasting session on Dec 5, hosted by our Sachi rep from Niigata. You may call Heavenly Chocolates for more details 666-2208. or email me for RSVP. Strictly by invitation due to limited seats.

  2. Superb! Cool! Wow! Fabulous! I run out of adjectives to describe how fascinating you are nowadays, marga! Thanks for sharing your recipes.

  3. Hello Midge,

    The staff of Songkran Thai Street Food here. We loved your article you wrote after visiting our Valero branch and would like, with your permission of course, to share it on our facebook page. If you agree, please let us know by contacting us at songkranstreetfood@gmail.com

    Thank you and God Bless!

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