In Search of the Better Burger – Part II

I apologize for not being able to update SybDive as regularly as possible; I have been rather ill of late.  (The flu is just nasty this time of year!)  But, I’m back and have a fresh new set of culinary adventures to share.


Sango Master Burger

This is often said about burgers: they tend to be flavorless provender, mass-produced meat by-products, and are generally uninteresting.  This, of course, applies to burgers from most international franchises.  (Ever had a Burger McDo?  [shudders])


There are, of course, exceptions to this rule.  Hotshots is one; Brothers Burger is another.  One officemate of mine swears by Bite Club over in Blue Ridge, while another insists that homemade sliders are the way to go.  Me, I have my own personal fave: Sango the Burger Master.

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