The Birthday Post: I am STILL here and I am NOT Afraid!

Bring out the bubbly!

And so, I start the first day of my 34th year with another post here on SybDive

It was a fairly eventful year and much of it left me utterly bewildered.  And yet, despite the grim statements from a number of people who are decidedly more negative than I am, I’m still alive.

And I’m okay.

And my food adventures have gotten more than a little exciting over the past few months:

  • Perigord walnut tarts!
  • Learning how to make soup from scratch!
  • Doing experiments with all sorts of chocolate treats!
  • That purple-and-white Sky at Dusk cake!
  • And, just yesterday, ichigo nama daifuku!

I thank God for my family, for the real friends who stuck it out with me despite all the horrific moments.  I am grateful for my work though it drives me up the wall from time to time.  I thank God that I kept the faith and loved a certain Mr. W despite one now-enemy said a year ago.  (And damn he looks mighty fine!)

Though I do read the cards and do some scrying, I have no clear idea what the future may bring – but I intend to meet it head on, without fear, without qualms.

3 thoughts on “The Birthday Post: I am STILL here and I am NOT Afraid!

  1. hey, marga, so this means, technically i’m older by days than you? hmmm.. haha!
    i know you enjoyed your day; here’s wishing more blessings to come your way, better health and lots of yummy posts to share! belated happy birthday!

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