In Which we Have Mochi to Sweeten the Year of the Dragon…

Kurosato Nama Daifuku in prep stage

Gong xi fa cai! Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!

In celebration of this most auspicious day – the beginning of the Year of the Black Water Dragon (MY year, baby!  I’m Dragon-born!), I’m bringing back my favorite mochi daifuku recipes as a certainly worthy substitute for the more customary tikoy [nian gao – sweet glutinous rice cake].

These daifuku are just as stickily sweet as tikoy, seeing how both are made from  the same basic formula of sugar, glutinous rice, and water.  But daifuku, in my personal opinion, are more symbolic:  apart from being round, they are also formed like money bags in that these are spherical and are stuffed with rich fillings – in this case, rich homespun butterscotch or rum-infused / raspberry-flavored chocolate ganache.

Try them yourself and bring in a bit more prosperity for you and those you love.  😉

  • Ichigo nama daifuku – strawberry or raspberry-infused mochi dough is wrapped around an equally fruity chocolate ganache;
  • Kurosato nama daifuku – mochi dough is prepared with brown sugar instead of white for a hint of caramel sweetness encasing rum-infused chocolate ganache; and
  • Butterscotch daifuku – brown-sugar mochi filled with rum-butter caramel cream.

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