On a Green Tea Frenzy

Green tea-flavored treats - and lots of them!


Out this month at your local Starbucks: a profusion of matcha-flavored delights!


Isabelle and I were out on our usual Saturday mall-ramble and decided to go have something sweet in the afternoon. While my kid sister opted for her usual mocha Frappuccino and an espresso brownie (neither are too shabby, in my opinion, and the espresso brownie is fabulously fudgy), I found myself more than a little gobsmacked by the matcha-infused temptations they had on display. I, thus, ended up getting the new blackberry and green tea cream Frappuccino and a good slice of the green tea and berry cheesecake.

A cheesecake oozing with richness...


The cheesecake (P 110.00 per slice) was a seriously baroque affair, seeing how it came frosted with a fondant-textured white chocolate and cream cheese icing and topped with white chocolate curls and a sprinkling of sweetened matcha powder. It also doesn’t look like most cheesecakes as the fruit was at the bottom and a pastry crust (very thin) was used instead of the usual made with either cookie or Graham cracker crumbs.


It was good: the thick layer of cream cheese was sweetened most subtly and the bitter-almond flavor of the matcha was balanced by the creamy richness. There was enough of the syrupy blackberry filling to provide a tart counterpoint flavor to the whole thing.


Berry syrup in my frap?  Yes, please!


As for the Frappuccino (P 145.00 for a tall-sized tumbler), it was gorgeous. A shot of blackberry syrup infuses the actual drink and gives it a rather cheesecake-like flavor. (It’s probably why it went so well with the cheesecake! :)) A generous cloud of whipped cream went on the top and more syrup was drizzled over it. Divine decadence here would be an understatement.


If you want these treats, I would suggest you trot on out to your friendly, neighborhood Starbucks as I think these are only up for grabs till the end of September.

Incidentally…  bowb of the lovely blog Raging Yoghurt also recently wrote about the blackberry and green tea frap.  Check out her site; it’s lovely!

2 thoughts on “On a Green Tea Frenzy

  1. Somehow I knew you would post about this! 🙂 I saw the matcha offerings at my neighborhood Starbuck as well…caught my eye because I’ve got matcha powder and am still musing on what to make with it 🙂 The marble loaf looks good…did you get to try that?

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