Pie? Yes, Please…!

What's in the box?


I don’t usually care much for fast-food pies.  Most pies sold at your local grease-burger joint are the fried sort and are filled with faux apple, a pasty peach-mango gloop, or what looks like ube jam piped into a crust.  So stepping into Burger King and looking up at the dessert menu turned out to be a major surprise when I saw three new offerings: Dutch apple pie, Butterfinger crunch pie, and Hershey’s sundae pie.


(And, holy tokwa, there went my diet!)

Cream, chocolate, pecans - what's not to like?


For P 75.00 a slice, it’s not that bad and you get a rather hefty helping of dessert.  I’m a die-hard chocoholic, so the Hershey’s sundae pie was what I opted for.  It was more mousse cake than it was refrigerator pie: the cookie-crumb crust was moist and moreish, the mousse filling not too sweet and riddled with pecan chunks.  The top was made baroque by ribbons of chocolate syrup and curlicues of whipped cream.  Dee-lish!


(I should go back, too.  The apple pie looked rather hefty, and I hear that the Butterfinger pie is a peanut butter lover’s dream.)

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