No, It’s Not Ice Cream


Fro-Yo's Intense Chocolate Yoghurt

Ah, yes: darker than the usual, the flavor utterly wicked, the texture creamy and smooth – each spoonful melting unctuously, seductively in my mouth.

But, no: as stated in the title, it’s not ice cream.  It’s yoghurt – chocolate frozen yoghurt.

I picked up this little tub of Intense Chocolate over at the Fro-Yo’s cart at the Salcedo Weekend Market out of curiosity as this little stall’s been featured over at Our Awesome Planet and in Yummy! Magazine.  You can just imagine the ecstasy I felt when the cheerful proprietor handed me a small wooden spoon with a smidgen of this dark – almost black – frozen delight to sample.

When I say that the chocolatiness will run through your entire being and leave you speechless, I am definitely not lying.  There is just something appealingly decadent about this mix of pure NZ milk, muscovado sugar, and devilish dark chocolate shaved off authentic tableas.  And, just when you think your diet’s been shot to hell, you realize that this is actually good for you – I mean, hey: it’s yoghurt!

If you’re going to get the Intense Chocolate, I would recommend pairing it with the Wild Berries.  The sharply tart mixture of wild fruit from the mountains of the north make a brilliant and delicious contrast with the chocolatey wickedness.

2 thoughts on “No, It’s Not Ice Cream

  1. I can wish all I want….but I doubt that frozen yogurt will ever take Italy by storm. Maybe for the lactose intolerant folk, but gelato has definitely carved out a niche for itself.

    I used to work for TCBY (dunno if you’re familiar but it’s a yogurt chain in the states The Country’s Best Yogurt) — I was a frozen yogurt cake decorator!!

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